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The Importance of Forgiveness and Healing Especially Within Marriage

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

  1. Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you to the people that you have to forgive and write it down on paper.  I did this and it really helped me.  I ripped it up and my husband burned his after we were done with it.

  2. Don’t forget yourself. This is the most important one!!!  We think for some reason, that we should have never made a mistake in our lives.  Boy do we have some high expectations for ourselves!!!

  3. If you are Catholic, go to confession. If not, just say out loud from your heart to the Lord that you forgive your husband and others and yourself.  You will be amazed at what happens afterwards. My husband and I did this about a month before God healed me!!  God healed our marriage first and then He healed me physically.  The key to this is that you have to love everyone like God loves them. It is hard when you think that God loves the serial rapist as much as the victims.  It is not what we do, it’s because we are His children.  Those of you that have rebellious children know, that even if you don’t like what they do, even if it is really bad like killing someone, you still love them and constantly hope and pray that they change.  This is exactly the way God feels but He has a big family, ALL OF US. I held anger and hatred for my husband for years because he hurt me deeply and he did the same for me.  We also were damaged already from previous relationships that were not healed either. When I started to look at him like a child of God and looked at all the wounds that he had, I was able to forgive him.  We are all wounded children and most of the wounds are due to our separation from God. There is a natural law that both God and the demons go by and most people don’t believe that the enemy exists now.  He definitely does.  He wants to wound you so that you will never be happy.  He wants you to fall into His traps so that you will disconnect from God, don’t believe in Him or think God is the evil one. Reminds me of how many times my daughter said I hate you when I wouldn’t let her date a 22-year old and she was 14!!  We have to have rules in place for our children.  Why would you not think that God would not have rules for us because to an Almighty God we are still very small children despite what our age is. Forgiveness opens the doors to new life.  Just look at mine!!  I can do so much more than I have been able to do in 7 years.

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