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A note on God’s love for you

Updated: Jan 19

    *     *    * During some prayerful reflection today this occurred to me that I want to share: There is not a single part of God’s infinite, totally transcendent, ever-huge, unsurpassable, awe-provoking, omnipresent, all-powerful (…and on) nature that doesn’t love you. And we are dust. In other words: God loves you with every infinite bit of His incomprehensible infinitude. In all of His unsurpassable greatness there is not one bit of it that doesn’t love every bit of you. All of God loves you, and God loves you with everything. With this love He loves you down to every atom of your physical body and to the very simplicity of your spiritual soul, with His indivisible and infinity simple Love which is the one Divine Nature of the one God who is His own communion of personal and relational Love, the eternal and forever Love of three Persons for each other – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And then He became man in Jesus Christ and died for you.

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