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Wearing the Veil~a Spiritual Journey with Our Lady (part 3)

Updated: Jan 19

When I decided to wear the veil, I didn't realize that the first Sunday of Lent I would be in a different state. A family event brought me to another parish, and I wrestled with wearing the veil a bit again. It was a temptation to be sure, since I could think of plenty of reasons not to. The first temptation was that if I didn't wear it, no one would know the difference anyway, since no one here but my husband knew of my Lenten observance (and since I'd just started he may not even remember), the second one was that my husband and other relatives decided on dressing in casual clothes or jeans, since we were leaving from mass for the long drive home. Again, I brought a dressy skirt and blouse to wear with the veil. Also, none of them wear a veil, and they didn't know that I would be. I wondered what they would think...

But, I remembered my previous prayer and conviction, strengthened my resolve, and walked confidently into the Church, putting on my veil. It was a very large, beautiful traditionally styled Church, which I love. I was asked to lead the way, and find a pew, which I did, genuflecting before the tabernacle. I kneel down to pray after briefly looking around the ladies in veils. No matter... I reaffirm to the Lord that I am wearing my veil out of love and reverence for Him. I also add that I want to offer it up in reparation for my own past sins of immodesty or impurity, and ask for further grace of chastity and purity for myself and all of my family. I implore my Blessed Mother to ask Jesus for this grace, and any others my soul needs, as I know He cannot refuse His mother. Unlike the first time I wear the veil, with so many wandering thoughts and distractions, this time I am deeper in prayer. Then something unusual happens... I feel rising within my soul courage and zeal. I don't know how else to describe it. I feel just a little of what I imagine the apostles must have felt that day of Pentecost when they were first so afraid and timid, and after the Holy Spirit breathes His life into them they go out with passion and fervor converting so many into the Church that day. One minute they were cowering and afraid, now suddenly fear was gone... courage and zeal taking its place. It is something that can only be explained as a supernatural grace. If you need proof of grace, then contemplate that! I am overwhelmed with my little share of this grace, and have tears in my eyes as I remember the only other person who was with the apostles that day, and without a doubt praying fervently to Her Son for this grace...their sweet Mother Mary. I thank her, and thank her, as I have no doubt that she has obtained this little grace for me. Then I look up, and looking all around the Church I see veils.

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