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Now That the Sun Has Returned: Reflection Series on The Lord’s Day for A Church (Still) Recoverin...

Updated: Jan 19

  1. our identity (who we are)

  2.  belonging (whose we are)

  3. meaning (why we are)

  4. happiness, peace, and love (what we live for),

  5. purpose (how we live what we live for),

  6. our ultimate destiny (where we are going). All of this is everything that the pandemic undermined in us to one extent or another. All these aspects in their fullness can only be found on the Lord's Day and in the Lord of that day who is not only risen but is the Resurrection. This is the meaning of Sunday as the Lord's day and why to keep it holy because by its observance everything that man is, desires, and hopes to be can be known and lived. After one year removed from the worst rages of the pandemic just about all of us have returned to most things. We have returned to Monday through Saturday for our earthly work, and we have also returned to Sunday for our heavenly worship. But with a year out now have we been back in our pews with a true sense of the Lord's Day after everything that has happened?

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