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Loving with the Heart of Mary

There’s a place that I go. I am drawn to this place, but only a few people in my life even know that I go there.

It’s a place where I wash dishes, or dirty laundry, and gently wash the face and body of a once invisible, forgotten one.

It’s a place where I pray...with others there, sometimes in song, or while I hold the hand of “the least of these”.

It’s a place where I laugh...with old friends, with new friends, and like today, over something silly that made a dying, homeless, old man heartily chuckle too.

It’s a simple, ordinary looking place. But it radiates love and peace with a magnitude I find hard to describe.

It’s a place where miracles happen. Broken bodies and souls are mended, relationships restored, and prayers answered.

It's a place where everyone who comes in the door is loved, and then is somehow able to love more just for having been there.


Because in this humble little home in Nashville, TN, called Heart of Mary House, it is her heart that loves, perfectly reflecting the magnanimous heart of Jesus.

She moves through her children, for her children...those who are dying, with no place to go, or no one able to care for them.

Her fingerprints are all over the place.

Come and see for yourself, or how you can help with the link below.

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