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Good Friday Happened

Our Good Friday Veneration of the Cross service last night was so moving and beautiful, people were in tears. The priest and deacons laying prostrate on the floor in humble submission to the Lord, the Church filled with so many people who, one by one, venerate the crucifix (the corpus of Jesus on a cross) held by the deacon, with a kiss or some other gesture of love, the respect and honor with which Our Lord in the Eucharist is brought out of "repose" in order for us to receive Him on this very solemn, most important day, was all so touching, and just one reason that I love being Catholic. We fast, we pray, and we remember. There is no greater Love than what happened on Good Friday for each and every one of us! There is no Easter without the suffering beyond any human suffering that Jesus Christ endured for us, just so we could be happy with him in heaven. It is so right to not only remember it, but with great humility and love to revere Him and thank Him. I am not worthy or deserving of this love, but at least I can be grateful. And so I thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you for loving me this much. I thank you for giving me the gift of faith, and the gift of your Church, my family and just... everything! Jesus, I love you so much! I wish everybody loved you!

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