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Three Black Holy Ones Everyone Should Know About [uCatholic]

Updated: Jan 19

“I think Tolton was the first African American that I found out was on the way to becoming a saint. I found him excitingly unique because he was a Black American Catholic (when there were not/still not many), he was a Black priest (especially for him being the first for America), and he could be a saint in the future. And even now as an African American it feels good that I can claim a certain possession of him and call him my own in some way.” On Servant of God Julia Greeley:
“Even still, God had the last mark on her life. No one remembers her former “master” but many remember Julia. And if she (God willing) is made a saint of the Catholic Church, she will be remembered until the end of time. The evil of slavery did not take her down in bitterness. Rather, she still lived a life of radical charity and witness to Jesus and His love in the Sacred Heart.” On St. Martin de Porres:
“But as he had a life that showcased a lot of Black struggle, he also had a life that showcased a bounty of Black triumph. Even when life tried to keep him out of his calling he persevered and fought the devil’s lie of racism with God’s truth of love.” Check out the rest: “Three Black Holy Ones Everyone Should Know About”
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